“Alkaline diet” (Alkaline diet) is? I know!

          PH – pH The body is important as the first. The human body ages. Not just for cancer patients only. And the acid – base, it will affect your overall health. If you want to have good health always. You need to balance alkaline state in the body the right amount of time.

           The Raw Food Health magazine explains, “Typically, the pH in the human body is about 7.35, but the food is not helpful. Stress or varying the pH to acidic. As a result, many diseases Easily grow ”
Current treatment under alkaline balance in the body, it is quite difficult. Reasons The resulting weak And the risk of disease is not a food that is not useful. The chemicals and toxins hidden. For people with busy lifestyles. Consumption characteristics, it will focus primarily on fast food, such as frozen foods, processed foods or fast food.
These foods will increase the level of acidity in the body to rise. Body, face the risk of cancer. And other health problems that may be followed by that you do not suspect at all.

      So eating alkaline (Alkaline Diet) has become an important option for balancing the pH in the body to return to a reasonable level again. The end result is that Your body will heal itself faster. It also makes you healthy. Free from disease as well.

      Next, we are going to present information that is useful in treating conditions alkalinity in the body properly. Eating alkaline Will help to fight infection, inflammation and the risk of disease. Just pay attention to nutrition. A little more carefully Your body will fight off the disease for many diseases, not ever.

     1. In general, the alkaline diet is often a variety of green leafy vegetables such as cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli, spices, medicinal plants, nuts, for example. Beans Lentils, onion and garlic Kuicheai grain-free, gluten (Gluten Free) such as rice, soybean, rice, corn, pumpkin, etc. Although gluten is a protein that provide energy to the body. But there are some patients who often suffer allergic to gluten. That is, the body can not digest this protein.

     2. Focus on consuming fruits and vegetables as much as required. Reducing the amount of meat Meat and edible meat should be fed with fresh grass. Eat less meat Focus on eating chicken and fish.

     3. Avoid foods that are sweet. Because cancer cells rely on glucose to grow. Also, the sugar will reduce the amount of magnesium in the body. You should reduce the intake of sugar, natural honey and aloe. And turn to eat pineapple, fresh apricots and dried fruit juice such as apple juice.

     4. Dairy Is one of the foods that can cause cancer. Because dairy products will include the protein casein (Casein), so if you’re fighting cancer or have relatives and friends at risk for this disease. Strongly advised to avoidance of dairy products consumed. Because these foods are rich in a lot of acid. When taken in large amounts, To cause inflammation and bone loss will also stimulate cancer cells to spread quickly.

     5. Avoid eating products containing gluten, the protein component. For example, rye (wheat plants. Like barley and wheat for its high nutritional value) wheat wholegrain cereals. (Whole grain is not milled), bread, cereal, pasta, cookies, cakes, muffins, crackers and other flour products.
Eating gluten products than necessary to make the gluten to prevent the absorption of food. And can not digest gluten, a protein. For good health and safety. Choose a diet free of gluten, such as rice, beans, sorghum, buckwheat (Buckwheat) and spinach Oh! Some foods labeled “gluten-free” is a mixture of oil and sugar, so you should observe and study them thoroughly before eating each of them.

       You have heard the expression “You are what you eat” until well into the ear when you eat it. You would be so Like this article If you are health conscious The focus is on food intake. Feels it may be time consuming and complicated Pan. I believe that it The end result is worth the investment to you.

Source: http://www.healthyfoodhouse.com


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